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Sewari Campillo

Sewari is a visionary contract photographer that specializes in Weddings, Events, Portraits, and Fine Art Photography. She is based out of Vancouver B.C.


"A picture isn't a captured moment, it's one set free. Unhinged from the chronology of those that came before and those that followed, a picture moves a moment from past to present. Burned on page or illuminated from screen, it reaches out beyond the medium and without hesitation, it forcibly imprints its essence on the eyes of its beholder. With or without intent, it initiates within its host a cascade of effects that always compel action. Stop.. remember, smell, taste, laugh, cry, cringe.. question. Move on.

I don't seek to capture moments, I seek to set them free. To give them new life in the minds and hearts of those that see them."

What to expect

For many the cameras gaze can be a threatening and uncomfortable presence, making it really difficult to capture candid honest moments. I'm passionate about people and their individual stories. My aim is too dim the spotlight, to minimize the observer effect and to keep things natural, conversational and always fun!

 I'm a compassionate person and I strive to honor my subjects by honestly portraying their truth and beauty, without judgment or fear.

My portfolio is really diverse; I love to shoot Fine Art, but am well versed in Commercial/Product, Event, Boudoir, and Wedding photography as well. 

I feel at home in all shooting environments. I'm not afraid to get my hands dirty and push limits to get the shots I need. I have my own studio workspace optimized for headshots and product photography but also love to shoot on location with natural light.

My Latest Blog Post

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