“And think not you can direct the course of love, for love, if it finds you worthy, directs your course” – Kahlil Gibran

Starting at Hon’s Wun-Tun House followed by reading the message fortune cookies we went to Stanley Park and English Bay for an evening walk. Vianey and Scott’s love was shining brightly all along. I had the pleasure to capture their love and commitment to each other recreating how they met.

The light, scenery and company made this shoot a success.

They are celebrating their love and life together next year and I feel very happy for them that they will be sharing the joy of being together with their loved ones.

Thank you Vianney and Scott for the opportunity to capture such beautiful moments.

Love, Sewari


Vianey & Scott-5108

Vianey & Scott-5171

Vianey & Scott-5235

Vianey & Scott-5323

Vianey & Scott-5362

Vianey & Scott-5369

Vianey & Scott-5404

Vianey & Scott-5432

Vianey & Scott-5556

Vianey & Scott-5563

Vianey & Scott-5595

Vianey & Scott-5628

Vianey & Scott-5651

Vianey & Scott-5657

Vianey & Scott-5681

Vianey & Scott-5712

Vianey & Scott-5868


Vianey & Scott-5883

Vianey & Scott-5915

Vianey & Scott-5923

Vianey & Scott-5946

Vianey & Scott-5871

Vianey & Scott-5963

Vianey & Scott-6048

Vianey & Scott-6119

Vianey & Scott-6163


Vianey & Scott-6225

Vianey & Scott-6256

Vianey & Scott-6325

Vianey & Scott-6391

Vianey & Scott-6414

Vianey & Scott-6448

Vianey & Scott-6504

Vianey & Scott-6532

Vianey & Scott-6582

Vianey & Scott-6617

Vianey & Scott-6187

Vianey & Scott-6742

Vianey & Scott-6835


You capture the love and the moment……a gift!

Thank you! I feel honoured to capture love