“As she carried her child may she carry her soul.
As her child was born, may she give birth and life and form
to her own, higher truth. As she nourished and protected her child,
may she nourish and protect her inner life and her independence.”




One thing that I love about photographing families is that I get to meet beautiful people and be part of their environment for a few hrs. I get to see how different babies decide to arrange themselves in their moms belly and how we are all excited for his/her birth. This is a slice of the photoshoot I did with Paola, Erik and Danny. Hope you enjoy as much as I did.





Naara Senyk

Just one word! BEAUTIFULL all your work!


What an amazing photo shoot…..one can feel the love and the wonder of this new life waiting to emerge. A blessed child with love at the centre of his/her new world. GRACIAS Sewari.

Maggie! so great to see your words and feel the love! xo


Just beautiful beautiful beautiful <3