About Me

I’ve had a life-long interest in photography. As a child I was drawn to the camera because of its magical ability to preserve my memories and immortalize and protect the essence of my family. I thought if I took the right picture I could capture part of their spirit and keep it safe and close to me.

As I grew older I never relinquished my appreciation for the art form. As my skills improved so did my awareness of the transformative effects photographs can have on both the subjects and the viewers that interact with them.

With every snap of the shutter, I try to distil and preserve something ephemeral which would otherwise be lost in time. I use my lens as a tool to quiet the distractions and noise of our busy world to help me expose, then communicate truth.

Getting to know my clients is essential to my process. It’s critical that they feel like they can express themselves in an open, safe and fun environment. I excel in creating spaces where we can come together and connect creatively.

I absolutely love meeting new people and would be honoured and humbled to help capture and communicate your story given the opportunity.

I would love to hear from you,

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“Sewari not only got the perfect shots but really put me at ease during our shoot and couldn’t have been nicer or more professional.” – Miles C.

“Sewari Campillo is a beautiful person and this shines through quite evidently in her photography. She will go above and beyond for you in making sure you are more than happy with your photos. She has a very artistic, creative eye when it comes to capturing memories and feelings through a single picture. She truly becomes a part of your family by the end of the process. We were so grateful to have had her for our special day!!” – Virginia & Scott Ghomeshi

“Sewari was a complete sweetheart. She made us feel comfortable and paid a lot of attention to detail. We felt like we were old friends. She did a phenomenal job and we were so happy with the outcome. Thank you for creating such a beautiful product for us.” – Pardeep Hawa

“Approachable, professional, and an impressive photographer! From the very first moment, she was able to figure out what we needed and wanted with ease. During the photo shoot, she took the time to listen to our ideas and made it happen with her creativity. The photos turned out to be exactly what we envisioned and there is no doubt that we will ask her to be our photographer again!” – Connie & Kyle 

“I first met Sewari when she was hired to take photographs of my colleagues and myself at the medical clinic in Vancouver where I work.  I was impressed by her warm and engaging personality, and her sensitive and professional approach.  She displayed a remarkable ability to help everyone feel very relaxed and comfortable and we were very pleased with the photos.  Because of this positive experience I later approached her with a request to take family photos at a post-wedding reception we hosted for our son in October 2018.  I was delighted to learn that she was available!. Her talents were even more evident at the latter occasion, as she was captured spontaneous and joyful interaction.  She also acted on her artistic impulses by taking full advantage of the venue’s potential, both inside and outdoors in the garden. 
Her editing skills are also superb!  We have a treasure trove of wonderful photos that capture a very enjoyable afternoon. 
I highly recommend SEWARI CAMPILLO PHOTOGRAPHY.”  – Teresa Marie Kope, MD, FRCPC, Psychiatrist